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Video View Homes and Rentals the worlds first Digital Multiverse 

Specifically designed to list and view videos of goods and services.

Properties,consumer products International Photography and Live stream services.


Shoot and upload personal video.


Video View Homes and Rentals building an International Photorapher/Videographer alliance.

Vendors and consumer  follow easily understood guide lines listed on the video guidelines page

The Consumer have the option to offer Cash bids on properties and goods

The Public Consumer  have the ability to give direct offers.

V.V.Homes and Rentals offer  personal live video viewing from anywhere in the world  to wherever you are with your  cellular device .

Clients of V.V.Homes and Rentals has an option to use personally selected realtor company of their choice or  V.V.Homes and Rental  realtor that has an amazingly low service charge.

Video View Homes and Rentals is the first and only Multi Cyber Platform in the world.

welcome to our site,utilize our platform 

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